Understand every customer

Customer Intelligence in the age of big data

No customer is alike. Correlor makes it easy to collect bits and pieces of customer data
across silos and translate them into a deep customer knowledge.
Precise, Predictive and Actionable.

What’s in it for you?

  • Gain a multi-dimensional understanding of your subscribers across all services.
  • Improve marketing, customer service and network management.
  • Solve the "pre-paid problem".
  • Derive new revenue streams by monetizing customer data with third-party businesses.
Media content
  • Identify and understand your most valuable users.
  • Transform user experience by dynamically delivering every user unique content that takes into account who they are and the demand of their specific interests.
  • Drive engagement and "stickiness".
  • Obtain rich and predictive customer profiles that create knowledge and insight.
  • Discover how predicting each unique customer's needs grows engagement and sales.
  • Create each customer's path to purchase with
    Correlor's predictive analytics and personalization tools.
  • Streamline your customer data from all marketing channels into one predictive customer view.
  • Automate email marketing campaigns personalized to your unique customer segments.
  • Craft advanced, customized, multi-tier customer loyalty and reward programs.

The Platform

Big Data Hub

Your Customer Data made simple.
We seamlessly streamline
your omni-channel data into one holistic layer.

Data Enrichment

Data from "anywhere"
means data of all kinds and shapes.
We seek for undiscovered
gold buried in your data,
turning it into a valuable asset.

User Profiling

Each customer matters.
We produce customer profiles
that contain everything you need to
know to serve your audiences.
This includes the makeups of your
customers' "Social Genome".


Personalized experiences drive revenue.
Our Social Genes-powered
recommender engine personalizes
offers, products, content
and ads for each
customer, at a significant
level of accuracy.

Predictive Modeling

Look forward.
Our predictive analytics modelling helps you to fine-tune the ability to identify opportunities and risks
inherent in your business, and drive
right decisions.

Hundreds of millions of recommendations delivered

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