The Gene-ius Recommender:

recommendations based on consumer personality

Personalization is about creating meaningful and relevant experiences for the various types of people who visit your site. Good personalization requires knowing a lot about your users.

The Gene-ius Recommender, powered by Correlor’s patent-pending Social Character Recognition (SCR) engine, is the first solution in the industry to combine artificial intelligence with automated product and content recommendations according to a user's personality, as reflected in their social profiles.

The Gene-ius Recommender uses Social Genes — advanced, highly predictive psychographic attributes such as “geeky,” “hipster,” “explorer” and “agreeable” — to provide a glimpse into your customers’ psychological traits, values, attitudes and interests, and gauge their affinity to products, brands, content and ads.

How it works:

The Gene-ius Recommender uses social sign-ins to profile website users and decode each user’s unique social gene set. It can then match the products and content items that are “infected” with Social Genes similar to the user’s. In addition to personality traits, the engine also takes users’ on-site behavior and various contextual attributes into account, enabling it to fine-tune its recommendations even more.

The Gene-ius Recommender delivers actionable recommendations across your user experience. Recommendations can be placed on any page of your website to make the right offers to the right people at the right time.

The Gene-ius Recommender delivers low-touch personalized recommendations in various ways, including API calls and embeddable widgets. Our solution easily handles most forms of recommendation that accompany visitors throughout your site. Each type of recommendation is targeted to specific users based on Social Genes. Examples include:

  • Cross-category item recommendations
  • Category-specific personalized recommendations
  • Most popular items/trending/most-viewed items
  • Related items — on any page, including wish-list and shopping-cart pages
  • A gift recommender based on a giver or recipient’s Social Genes
  • Personalization of on-site search
  • Personalization of user-generated content (user reviews and ratings)
  • Item recommendations in personalized email campaigns

Improve user acquisition, engagement, retention and revenues

Pinpoint accuracy of personalization

Personality-based personalization is more accurate and robust when it is used together with traditional statistics-based approaches. Psychographic traits play a major role in consumer choice and decision-making. By incorporating user personality attributes into our personalization method, we enhance our knowledge of the user and make recommendations more actionable.

New user acquisition

With Social Genes, there is no such thing as a cold start. We use social logins to decode new visitors’ Social Genes and create their psychographic profiles. We deliver personalized experiences right from the start, increasing your user adoption and conversion rates.

No more “more of the same”

Our intuitive solution excels at determining the context of users’ needs — not based on statistics, but on their personality traits and genetic affinity with your inventory. The Gene-ius Recommender delivers recommendations based on the variety of cross-category selection, without duplication.


We personalize every type of web experience. Our system is so universal that it can personalize even the most challenging types of indecipherable content such as customer reviews, photos, videos and posts. The more a customer shops and explores, the more our engine fine-tunes recommendations to suit that customer’s personality traits, upselling and cross-selling merchandise in real time.

Gene-ius Insights

Learn what makes your customers tick

We craft an audience genome that is unique to your business. This genome revolutionizes the way you assess the customer landscape and gives you actionable clues to users’ online behavior. By getting closer to your visitors than you ever have before, you can make better marketing decisions and improve user experience.

Social Genes are not just about human beings. Our cloud-based service virtually “infects” billions of products, content items and media items on the web with the Social Genes of the people who consume them. It’s like putting a face on a product.

Our intuitive, intelligent dashboards, supported by customized controls and analytics tools, slice and dice all aspects of your user’s journey through the prism of Social Genes, providing:

  • In-depth analysis of your audience through the prism of consumer personality, segmented through Social Genes
  • Funnel analysis with a macro-view of consumer interaction on-site: visits, purchases, retention and engagement
  • Psychographic attribution to product base
  • The affinity of various types of consumers to your product inventory
  • Detailed product performance analysis and actionable revenue-generating improvements
  • Actionable queries